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I am happy to be the Scientific Exploration Society’s 2019 Elodie Sanford Explorer for Amateur Photography! This award is in loving memory of Elodie Sanford established by her family and friends. She was a keen photographer, avid adventurer, and honorary Vice President of the SES. It is a true honor to be selected to carry on her legacy.

Stay tuned to hear more about my expedition back to Timor-Leste to explore Tara bandu as a means of marine conservation.

SCUBA diving for field work of Ataúro Island in Timor-Leste.

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It all started with... first trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore for a 4th grade field trip.

Flash forward 20 years and I have crash-landed in Australia to do my PhD at the University of Queensland.  My research is focused on the coral reefs of Timor-Leste - coral reef image analysis of 28,000 reef photos using machine learning, cryptic biodiversity, and coral health.  As a graduate student, I has been diving all over the world to photographically document baseline conditions of the world's coral reefs with the XL Catlin Seaview Survey.  Additionally, I am a Young Science Ambassador for the Wonder of Science STEM education program for Queensland primary and high school students and enjoys communicating ocean issues.  I love talking to anyone and everyone who will listen to me. I occasionally try to be a photographer above and below water, travel,  cook, and knit.

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